DIB Funding, Inc. is exploring how blockchain technology can provide a viable alternative to the current methods of financial exchange.

Our Approach

DIB Funding, Inc. -  Uses DIBCOIN as a monetary instrument that represents “money” for DIB Funding, Inc.  DIBCOIN is an open source Bitcoin 2.0 protocol for creating DIB Funding, Inc. currency digitally on top of the bitcoin blockchain utilizing it functionalities beyond being merely a modicum of exchange.


Business Plan

DIB Funding, Inc.'s business plan consists of acquiring significant interest in existing public companies, taking these low-revenue or no-revenue, no-EPS3 companies, through mergers and acquisitions, infusing them with Earnings Per Share that will dramatically increase the share price of the companies in Sunshine Capital, Inc. (SCNP) portfolio, realizing income as businesses are added.

Be aware that, while many investors valuate their shares using ratios based on cash flow, income, price and earnings and the like, those ratios become impossible to calculate in a company which takes losses in pursuit of long-term growth. The company's business plan also consists of minimal or no dilution to the public companies it acquires and puts the shareholders first when deals are negotiated.

With management's experience in mergers and acquisitions and expertise in how to structure a public company's corporate shares, DIB Funding, Inc.'s management believes it will be able to increase the market caps of its portfolio holdings which will dramatically increase its balance sheet's asset value.


Meet the Team

“We are building a solid management team,” stated Daniel J. Duffy, speaking on behalf of the Board of Advisors. “Since I am unable to run the companies myself, I have sought the necessary management skills for our executives to achieve the lofty goals which I have for the companies.

Adam Petty


Mr. Petty graduated from Oglethorpe University receiving a BBA in accounting and a minor in economics. Mr. Petty received his CPA license in 1988. Mr. Petty is a serial entrepreneur, leading several businesses from retail stores to an accounting firm to multiple public relations firms. Mr. Petty gained his merger and acquisition experience while running his investor relations firm from 1999 to 2009, assisting in the execution of multi-million dollar deals with multiple public companies.

Honson Luma

Vice President

Mr. Luma is a seasoned futures and cryptocurrencies trader and uses his company, Space Age Investment Group/Consultant, LLC (SAIG) for its members to achieve financial independence. Mr. Luma brings an extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency market – not only as a trader but as a creator and programmer of cryptocurrencies to his new role at Sunshine Capital, Inc.