DIBCOIN - serves as a monetary instrument that represents “money” for DIB Funding, Inc. DIBCOIN is an open source Bitcoin 2.0 protocol.

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DIB Nation

DIB Nation Affiliate Program- DIB NATION website – DIB Nation will be the ecommerce hub of the crypto currency world. It will be a place to buy DIBCOIN and our other products.

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Widjits, Inc.

Widjits, Inc.- is a DIB Funding, Inc. media division that will be developed alongside strategic lines, beginning with a cartoon strip and then leveraging its properties in nine key areas.

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Message from the trustee

The Daniel Joseph Duffy Descendants' Trust was established for the benefit of Daniel J. Duffy's two children, ages 6 and 11. The trust has been formed by an attorney and two licensed Certified Public Accountants, who will also act as trustees.

Investment decisions shall be made by Daniel J. Duffy, who has sole authority to act as Investment Trustee due to the children's age. Mr. Duffy plans to advance the interest of his children by using his skills and experience in investing in and operating public companies; financing; raising capital; streamlining corporate capital structures; and, mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Duffy is well known throughout the micro-cap industry as one of the best micro-cap stock traders and as a prior President and CEO of multiple public companies.

"This trust was established for the benefit of my two children and I am sure that the shareholders of Sunshine Capital, Inc. will benefit as well," stated Daniel J. Duffy, newly appointed Investment Trustee of his children's trust. "With my guidance this Company is going to dramatically change, and the company will soon announce the hiring of a much more qualified President and CEO who has a history in the public markets. I have also advised prospective management regarding both a new corporate and capital structure of the Company, which I believe may lead to a multi-million dollar increase in net assets with no dilution to the share structure of this Company and will announce the outcome of the special board meeting that addressed my recommendations to the Sunshine Capital, Inc. management."

As of today, DIB Funding, Inc. has over $100 million in net assets, including sole ownership of Widjits, Inc., a diversified media company. DIB Funding, Inc. management's main goal is to build Sunshine Capital, Inc. to become a profitable company with millions in revenue and multi-millions in net assets with no debt. This should naturally raise the market price of Sunshine Capital, Inc. to new highs and benefit Sunshine's shareholders, including Daniel J. Duffy's two children.

The Daniel Joseph Duffy Descendants' Trust is currently being controlled by two Certified Public Accountants, a licensed attorney, an Investment Trustee, and a private investigator to oversee the trust's success. Sunshine Capital, Inc. is in the process of acquiring large equity positions in many public companies for its portfolio and is also in negotiations with a profitable private company with millions in assets to be acquired by Sunshine Capital, Inc. The proposed transaction would have little or no dilution to the company's share structure, nor would it assume a significant quantity of debt.

SOURCE Sunshine Capital, Inc.

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